ARE YOU A victim of human trafficking?

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A sweet spot is that part of our lives where our abilities, potential, and passion meet. We believe every woman deserves to live and work in her sweet spot. Our organization partners with human trafficking programs around the country to provide first responders with bags of essential items that women and girls will need as they seek a brand new life. Our bags provide the essentials so that survivors can focus on finding their sweet spot.



Hope. Hope for a better life. Hope for the future.


That's what The Sweet Spot is all about; providing hope to the survivors of human trafficking. The victims of human trafficking had their lives taken away from them, but as we partner with programs and agencies that work directly with these survivors, we can help show these women that they have the right to live a life where their abilities, potential, and passion meet.


That's the sweet spot, and that's what they deserve.


Get involved with The Sweet Spot and empower survivors of human trafficking.  Click here to learn more about the work we’re doing and see the different ways you can donate.


Your donations to The Sweet Spot go directly to empower the lives of human trafficking survivors and give them hope for their future. Your investment helps us provide these survivors with essential bags filled with necessary everyday items. You will help them take the first steps in realizing their newfound freedom and bringing some stability as they begin rebuilding their lives.


There are two ways to donate::


1. Financial Donation

2. Pack a Bag


The Sweet Spot is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 pending organization, so your donation is tax deductible.


THE SWEET SPOT    Pending 501(c)3